Pulaski Bedroom


is one of the country’s best-known furniture brands, synonymous with outstanding craftsmanship and refined style in bedroom, dining and accent furniture. With almost 60 years of experience furnishing homes, Pulaski offers value, quality and design.

If you should find an item on any of our manufacture’s websites * that you are interested in purchasing, just find the style number (include the manufacture’s name) and go to our Merchandise Inquiry Page, or call us, we can check to see if we have that style on our floor, and if not we can order it for you.

Don’t forget Dillard’s offers card holders 12 to 24 months of no interest on furniture purchases, depending upon credit approval, and amount of purchase.

You can reach us at

918-252-1890 X 5810

Or call directly to me at 918-960-1815

Jim Carmichael


Check our current inventory below.




87X8X70 5588660 King Panel Bed 993180/181/182
 Dillards_furniture_2 063
71X8X70 5588645 Queen Panel Bed 993170/171/172
68X19X39 5588587 Dresser 993100
49X5X49 5588595 Mirror 993110
42X18X55 5588611 Chest 993124
 Pulaski_brookfield -DRESSER
64X18X55 5588603 Gentleman’s Chest 993127
29X17X30 5588629 Night Stand 993140
 Pulaski_brookfield _night_stand
4E00 8X42 5588637 Media Chest 993145
49X18X18 5588678 Bench 993400
 Dillards_furniture_2_W Pulaski_brookfield-_bench_W Pulaski_brookfield-_bench_2_W

San Mateo

85X13X76 5533716 King/ Queen Sleigh Bed 662180/181/182
44X24X56 5533708 Chest 662124
34X12X32 5533690 Night Stand 662140
52x23x44 5566849 Media Chest 662145
78x25x44 5533666 Dresser 662100

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