Franklin Furniture

Made in America

reclining-sectionalsUSA #1  Franklin Corporation is one of the largest privately owned furniture manufacturers in the United States.

Since 1970 our facilities have grown to exceed one million square feet.  When you purchase Franklin furniture you are getting a quality product manufactured in the United States by trained employees who take great pride in their work.

Franklin Corporation has been manufacturing product for over 40 years.  Franklin employs 1,300 people.  While other companies have moved their products overseas, Franklin reinvests much of their profits back into the company.  We have built a state of the art metal stamping facility to manufacture our own exclusive mechanisms.  We have purchased CNC routers that allow us to cut our own frames and foam.  Vertical integration has greatly enhanced our ability to keep product cost down while constantly improving overall quality.  This has allowed us to remain competitive in the market place. Many of the textile plants in the US have closed, making products like fabric and leather no longer available in mass quantities.  Due to this we have been forced to purchase some of our fabrics and leathers from overseas.  However, every frame is still built and upholstered in Houston, MS, keeping jobs for American workers here in the USA.

If you should find an item on their website * you’re interested in purchasing, just find the style number and go to our Merchandise Inquiry Page, we can check and see if we have that style on our floor, and if not we can order it for you.
or, Just call me at:

918-252-1890 X 5810

Or  just come into the store, just ask for me,
Jim Carmichael
and I will be glad to assist you.
If you should find a chair/ or other peace on their website * just find the style
number and call us, we can check and see if we have that style on our floor,
and if not we can order it for you. Check our current inventory below.
Just call me at:

Jim Carmichael

 Dillards_furniture_2 034
69.5x41x41 LAF Loveseat 5672779 572-31BC26
33.5x67x41 RAF Chaise 5672803 572-86 RAF
22x41x41 Armless Chair 5672829 572-03 RML
36.2x41x41 LAF Armless Console 5672837 573-16
36.5x41x41 RAF Armless Console 5672795 573-17
36.5x41x41 Wedge 56727137 572.99
69.5x41x41 RAF Loveseat 5672811 572-32BC26
33.5x67x41 LAF Chaise 5672845 572-85 LAP

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