Bernhardt Living Room



a family-owned furniture company in business for 120 years, is a full line brand offering bedroom, dining and living room furniture.

If you have an interest one of these groups, or for any other item  you may be interested in purchasing, please go to our Merchandise Inquiry Page.

918-252-1890 X 5810

or call directly to me at 918-960-1815
Or just come into the store, just ask for me,

Jim Carmichael

and I will be glad to assist you.
If you should find an item on their website * you’re interested in purchasing,  just find the style
number and call us with that number and the name of the manufacturer, and we can check and see if we have that style on our floor,
and if not we can order it for you.

Check our current inventory below.



Bradley                                         I 42.5X41X35 RAF Section 5603618 151LXAO
Bradley                                         102.5X41X35 LAP Section 5603600 152LXAO


Danielle                                             98.5x44x42 Sofa 98′ _ 5682091 T7767
Danielle                                                 86.5×44542 Sofa 86′ 5682109 T7766
Danielle                                                 67.5544×42 Loveseat 5682117 T7765
Danielle                                                 59.5×44542 Chair 1/2 5682125 T7763 _
Danielle                                                 47×25.5×19 Ottoman 5682133 T7761


 Harrison  Sofa94.5X44X36  5645056  B3947A  94.5X44X36
Harrison                                                68X44X36 Loveseat 5645064 B3945A
Harrison                                              40.5X44X36 Chair 5645072 B3942A
Hanison                                               40.5X44X17 Ottoman 5645080 B3941A
Harrison                                                35X35X45 Accent Chair 5645098 87012


Kirkland_sofa Sofa 109′ 5667464 N9987 109x41x36
Sofa 92′ 5683859 N9986 92x41x36
Kirkland_chair Chair 1/2 5683867 149983 48x41x36


Chair 5667460 142062 32547×46,5


 Dillards_furniture_2 014          94×42535 Sala 5669155 8497L00
Putney                                                    68542×35 Loveseat 5669163 13495LDO
Putney                                                    42x41x35 Chair 5669171 8492LDO
Putney                                                    33523×16 Ottoman 5669189 8421LDO
Regent                                                    97×45534 Sofa Leather/Fab 5660808 43291_D0
Regent                                                    71×45534 Loveseat LeatherlFab 5660816 432611)0
Regent                                                    41x43x34 Chair Leather/Fab 5660824 4324LD0
Regent Ottoman Leather/Fab 5660832 4320LDO 32525×20
Regent Recliner 5660840 102RDO 38545×30
Regent Cocktail Ottoman 5660857 B2004F0 49x30x14
 Dillards_furniture_2 023
Regent Leather Sofa 5660865 4327LD0 97x45x34
Regent Leather Loveseat 5660873 4325LDO 71x45x34
Regent Leather Chair 5660981 4322LDO 41x43x34
Regent Leather Ottoman 5660999 4321LD0 32525×20



bernhardt_sectonal_50LSect_203020_0 RAF Sectional 5617865 5091L 102X42X39
Seth LAF Sectional 5617973 5092L 102X42X39
Seth Sofa 5573514 5177LDO 98X44X39
Seth Loveseat 5573522 5175LDO 72X44X39
Seth Chair 5573530 5172LDO 46X44X39
Seth Ottoman 5573548 51711.D0 32)(22-X17
Seth Recliner 5613104 129 37X37X42

2 thoughts on “Bernhardt Living Room

  1. Bernhardt
    Seth : Recliner 5613104 129 37x37x42
    Bradley : Recliner 5660840 102RDO
    If you have this items could you please call me at this number 956 793 1085
    Raquel Cano


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