Bernhardt Bedroom



a family-owned furniture company in business for 120 years, is a full line brand offering bedroom, dining and living room furniture.

If you should any other item on their website *  you are interested in purchasing, just find the style number and call us, we can check and see if we have that style on our floor, and if not we can order it for you.
Just call me at:

918-252-1890 X 5810

Or call directly to me at 918-960-1815

Or just come into the store, just ask for me,

Jim Carmichael




(click on photo for larger view)


81X97X72 5704697 King  Bed 347-H36/F36/R36
65X96X70 5704689 Queen Bed 347-H34/F34/R34
49X20X44 5704705 Dresser 347-052
52X2X42 5704713 Mirror 347-331
34X20X30 5574702 Night Stand 317-229
38X20X33 5704721 5-Drawer  Chest 374-118

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