Our Sales Approach

Our Sales Approach

I am here to serve you, my valued customer! This is the common phrase used by most companies that provide a product or service to the public.

taylor2 It is a good slogan; and we here at Dillard’s practice this to the very best of our ability.

When you enter our furniture department, the first thing you will notice is what is not there. You will not see 40 or 50 sales people waiting at the entrance, no you will find what you came to see; furniture.

I  want your shopping experience to be enjoyable, peaceful, friendly, and productive. When you are ready to speak to a furniture sales representative, I will be available to you, to answer product questions, purchasing or ordering questions, or simply to “ring up” the sale for you.

I will attempt to help you with your selection choices if you desire, I can help you pick items that will enhance your selection if you desire, and I will leave you completely alone to browse if you desire.


I am prepared to help you in any way you need help, feel free to browse our store, and feel free to ask questions or for help as you need it.

Thank You,


You can reach me at

918-252-1890 X 5810

Be Sure to ask for Taylor

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