Dillard’s Sells Artwork!

Just wanted to let you know a few things tonight, first is that we do sell some really nice artwork, and miscellaneous items you might find interesting and irresistible.

Secondly, if you are a new home owner, you can get as much as 10% off any regular priced and permanently marked down furniture as a home warming gift from Dillard’s.

And, on a personal note, if you are not a new home buyer but would like to be, here’s a referral  for you that can make that happen!

Just click on any image to enlarge it.

dillards_artwork62  dillards_artwork61 dillards_artwork59
 dillards_artwork58  dillards_artwork57  dillards_artwork56
 dillards_artwork54  dillards_artwork53  dillards_artwork52
 dillards_artwork51  dillards_artwork50  dillards_artwork49
 dillards_artwork48  dillards_artwork47  dillards_artwork46
 dillards_artwork45  dillards_artwork44  dillards_artwork43
 dillards_artwork42  dillards_artwork41  dillards_artwork40
 dillards_artwork39  dillards_artwork38  dillards_artwork37
 dillards_artwork36  dillards_artwork35  dillards_artwork34
 dillards_artwork33  dillards_artwork32  dillards_artwork31
 dillards_artwork30  dillards_artwork28  dillards_artwork27
 dillards_artwork26  dillards_artwork25  dillards_artwork24
 dillards_artwork23  dillards_artwork19  dillards_artwork18
 dillards_artwork12  dillards_artwork9  dillards_artwork5
 dillards_artwork10  dillards_artwork4  dillards_artwork3
 dillards_artwork1  dillards_artwork8  dillards_artwork6

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