Thursday April 17 2014 Clearance Special at Dillard’s

beautyrest_clearance3Well, here’s today’s special, again hard to believe but it’s true. We have three mattresses that have been on display long enough, so we are putting them on clearance. We have a Simmons Beautyrest comforpedic Balanced Days Plush queen size Regular price is $1,999 now on clearance for $999.00 now I know you probably think that’s a misprint, but it’s not, I said $999. That’s what it is.

Secondly we have a Simmons Beautyrest Renewed Energy queen that we are trying to give away for $849.00 (regular price, believe it or not was $1,699) both of these mattress prices include delivery but sales tax is extra.

Thirdly and lastly is a queen size Simmons Beautyrest Advanced Rest, original price was $1,299 but now going out the door for only $649, plus $59.00 in delivery, plus tax.

meThese prices are so low the other sales people are too embarrassed to give their names, so you will just have to ask for me. Jim (I guess I just have no shame)


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